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To Whom It May Concern:

I first met Rachel about a year ago, when I obtained her for my divorce proceedings. I was blessed that she was able to represent my case. She works with commitment and compassion. Rachel took the time to get to know me as a person, not just a client. She took a difficult and complicated situation and made the process practically seamless. She listened to my needs and represented me with a great degree of professionalism.

One of Rachel’s many strengths is her ability to communicate. I was married in Pierce County, by the time of my divorce I had relocated to Southwest Washington. The distance was never a factor with her. She constantly kept me informed of the process and upcoming events through e-mail and phone conversations. She guided me through every step like she was standing right beside me.

I whole heartedly believe in Rachel and I have already recommended her services. I have heard too many stories of people not being satisfied with their attorney or the outcome of their case. Most people who are looking for legal assistance are already under stress and don’t need additional pressure. Rachel is not only passionate and committed; she is honest and genuinely cares about her clients.

Rachel, I can not thank you enough for what you have done for me.

We live out of state and needed an attorney/firm that would represent us in Washington over child custody/support issues. Rachel Rolfs was recommended to us and this recommendation was the best we could have had. We needed to put faith in someone that not only would represent us from far away, but also be honest and fair. Ms. Rolfs has been that.

Ms. Rolfs has represented us for the past 2 years and in all of our court battles has been just, fair and to the point. We may not have won all of our issues as well as we would have wanted, but it was not lack of presentation that Ms. Rolfs gave on our behalf. We feel she believes in us and our situation and has given us 100%. Even though we know we are not Ms Rolfs’ only client, we feel that we are!! She comes highly recommended by us, and we count her not only as our number one attorney, but a friend.


I can’t thank you enough for the time you took to take care of my divorce case while was deployed. Your devotion relieved me of the stress of my divorce that was added onto life while in a combat zone. I will recommend you (and have) to anyone I hear that is going through that difficult time in their life. I thank you for fighting for my rights as a father and a constantly deployed serviceman so that I have the law behind me for my time with my children. I truly can’t thank you enough. Oh, by the way, she got remarried. I hope it works for them. If not, I will refer HIM to you, LOL.


Thank you for helping me get through something impossible, painful, and necessary. I think my lasting impression of you matches my first: extremely helpful, fast, and competent. It’s not fun divorcing, but nice to get it done so relatively simply. Take care, and thanks again.

“I met Rachel when I was going through my divorce. I had originally decided to file myself and to go through the process without an attorney, but several months into it I was forced to get an attorney because of custody issues. I’m so glad I made the decision to have representation. It was a very stressful time and I felt a lot of relief right away knowing that she was going to be able to support me throughout the process. She took the time to listen and asked all the right questions that would be able to tell her how to fight my case. Rachel has always been a good listener and easy to get a hold of either by phone or email. I also really don’t think she could have been any better prepared for the hearings and trial than she was. Thanks to Rachel the custody & divorce issues were finally resolved.”