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Resolving Custody And Parenting Issues

At Rehmke Andreve, PS, in Tacoma, we work alongside many mothers and fathers who must deal with divorce. Our child custody lawyers know that the best interests of the child is not just the Washington courts’ standard for making child custody and visitation decisions. This is truly the top priority for most parents. Agreeing on exactly what child custody and visitation arrangement is best for your children can be a real challenge.

When you need counsel on this critical, emotional aspect of divorce, please contact our parenting plan lawyers. We have helped individuals throughout Pierce County with all of their custody needs.

What Issues Are You Facing Concerning Your Children?

In child custody matters, Washington state law emphasizes the parenting plan – a formal statement of both parents’ rights and responsibilities for meeting children’s needs after the divorce. Terms like sole, primary and joint custody are not as important as the content of this plan, which must address issues such as:

Military child custody issues can be drastically different. We will answer any questions you may have regarding military divorce and child custody.

Detailed Parenting Plans That Work In The Real World

Our attorneys see the development of a parenting plan as an opportunity to reach more carefully shaped, detailed solutions than judges can typically deliver. In most cases, keeping both parents closely involved in the kids’ lives must be a central goal. Beyond that, we need to apply realism and objectivity – looking honestly at children’s needs and relationships with both parents.

In this area of a divorce or post-divorce dispute, including petitions for modifications of custody or to establish minor guardianship (previously called third-party custody), we strive to disarm anger and reach a point where people agree to work out differences and co-parent. You may wish to consider collaborative law or mediation as a way to reach agreement without the use of litigation that can be very costly and painful.

If It Takes A Battle, You Will Have Trial Experience On Your Side

Despite our best efforts to foster cooperation, some parents are unyielding and unwilling to compromise on child custody/visitation issues. If your divorcing spouse “digs in” and your parental rights are threatened, our attorneys know how to build and effectively present the best case for you.

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