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Resolving Spousal Support Issues

A critical component of divorce, for many couples, is the option for spousal maintenance. Also known as spousal support or alimony, maintenance is a financial amount granted by the court to a wife or husband for a specified amount of time. In many states, spousal support is granted based on state guidelines; however, in Washington, courts have full discretion on the amount of spousal maintenance, if any, that will be granted.

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Is Spousal Maintenance In Order In Your Case?

Designed to allow the husband and wife to maintain the standard of living they experienced in marriage, spousal maintenance is often awarded in divorce. It allows a spouse to have the financial backing he or she needs to re-establish himself/herself and re-enter the workforce.

When determining the amount and the duration of spousal maintenance, the court will consider not only the need of one party but also the other party’s ability to pay. Other factors may also be considered, including the length of the marriage, property division and child support. However, unlike child support, there are no schedules or statutory guidelines in place to direct courts in making spousal maintenance decisions, and the court examines all the facts and circumstances of the couple and their history.

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With the amount and duration of spousal maintenance being discretionary not mandatory, husbands or wives are not guaranteed financial support. To learn if spousal support may be granted in your divorce or to discuss any family law concern, contact our firm online or over the phone at 253-642-4541 to schedule a consultation. Attorney Rachel Rolfs will listen to your concerns and answer your questions.