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Crafting Effective Visitation Arrangements

When it comes to your children, you have rights that need to be protected. Washington courts tend to favor allowing visitation to noncustodial parents during a divorce since it is usually in the best interests of the children to maintain a relationship with their biological family.

At Rehmke Andreve, PS​, we help individuals seeking to maintain a relationship with their children and protect their rights to visitation. Contact a Tacoma child visitation lawyer for an initial consultation. An experienced family law attorney will be ready to answer any questions you may have.

What Are The Best Options For Your Situation?

When you do not have the primary care or custody of your child, developing a well-balanced parenting plan becomes very important. Our Pierce County lawyers have the skills required to establish a plan that protects the best interests of your children and your rights as well. We have experience incorporating all types of activities and methods of contact into these plans in order to increase flexibility, including:

  • Time at both parents’ home
  • Alternating weekends
  • Skype
  • Long-distance transportation
  • E-mail and phone communication

We are also experienced at guiding individuals through the mediation process in order to settle any child visitation issues outside of court.

Child Visitation Issues For Military Families

Military visitation issues can be drastically different from those encountered by civilians. If you are constantly on the move or overseas serving your country, you probably have questions regarding your rights to communicate with your child. Our Washington visitation lawyers will explain your options to you, whether you are the military or nonmilitary parent.

A Clear Focus On Family Law And Child Visitation

Our child visitation law office is dedicated to meeting your challenges directly.

For family law counsel and representation you can trust in Pierce County, Washington, please call 253-642-4541 or contact our child visitation law firm online today. We take pride in our responsiveness to client needs and full-service approach to every matter we handle.