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Proven Attorney For Paternity / Parentage Cases

Laws governing paternity – now sometimes referred to in legal circles as parentage – are squarely focused on the establishment of legal parentage and the long-term well-being of children. Clear paths of legal action are available for all parties when parentage is questioned or disputed.

We are well-equipped to handle parentage matters assertively and efficiently, from either a biological parent’s perspective, or even a non-biological person that has a parental role in the child’s life. To speak with an attorney who will listen carefully and offer honest, informed counsel, please contact us today at Rehmke Andreve, PS, in Fircrest.

What Type Of Parentage Issue Are You Facing?

We can advise you on all your rights and help you navigate the necessary processes for:

  • Conclusively establishing legal parentage or paternity by genetic testing or under the other statutory options such as de facto, IVF/Surrogacy,
  • Filing an action to establish a parenting plan that compels other parent of your child to pay child support
  • Pursuing your rights to visitation as a parent of a child
  • Protecting your personal, financial and family interests in matters of presumed parentage
  • Dealing with Washington state-initiated parentage actions after a parent has filed for public assistance

Our attorneys have experience and resources to guide you through every aspect of your parentage case. Our family law office is responsive to your needs and committed to keeping you informed on the key issues of progress, obligations and costs. We capably represent military personnel involved in matters of contested parentage.

Get The Legal Help You Need

Whether you are a parent seeking justice and support for your child or a parent seeking the truth and the ability to exercise your parental rights, we encourage you to call 253-642-4541 or contact us online and arrange a consultation.