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Plan Today For Long-Term Care In The Future

Medicaid planning for long-term care covers payment assistance for skilled nursing facilities, adult family homes, assisted living facilities and in-home care. At Rehmke Andreve, PS, we assist Tacoma families in trying to understand the myriad of state and federal rules to devise a plan that works with the person needing care and their family.

Our attorneys have nearly 60 years of combined experience in this complex area of estate planning. Each plan we create is unique to each family. Some people have to spend down to qualify for state care, and some don’t. Sometimes, we have to work out plans to preserve the wealth of the remaining spouse or disabled family members. Whatever your circumstances, we can help you avoid spending your entire estate on long-term care so you can pass it on to your loved ones instead.

Why Plan For Medicaid Coverage?

Medicaid for long-term care is a need-based program. Clients have to be financially and medically needy. In most cases, Medicaid benefits kick in where personal funds leave off. You may have to pay privately before the facility will accept Medicaid benefits. In addition, touching base with an elder law attorney can alleviate a lot of stress during a time of crisis. Advanced planning can offset any penalties that could be imposed as a result of well-meaning transferring or gifting of resources to the family. Penalties can delay coverage for long-term care for your family member.

Long-term care insurance is an offset to private paying or applying for Medicaid Long Term Care Benefits. It can be purchased years in advance to help offset using your hard-earned savings on residential care.

Medicaid Planning Resource For Those Who Need It

With a strong focus on Medicaid planning, we can assist those who can plan ahead and those who cannot. For many without experience navigating the Medicaid systems, we are a resource for making sure your family understands and can qualify under the rules. Our office assists with whatever forms and applications are necessary, and we make sure the forms are completed properly and submitted on time in order to receive the maximum amount of benefits. Our office also handles Medicaid Appeals for those who are wrongfully denied benefits.

For those not in urgent need of long-term care, a good estate plan, which can include a will, power of attorney, and advanced health care directive, can be invaluable in a crisis. If your loved one has a stroke or heart attack or receives a diagnosis of dementia, having all their estate documents completed ahead of time can alleviate stress and add to peace of mind.

Curious How Medicaid Planning Can Benefit Your Life?

To learn more about adding Medicaid planning to your estate planning portfolio, call or email us at Rehmke Andreve, PS, and schedule a consultation at our office in Fircrest. Our number is 253-642-4541.