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What Happens To Your Retirement Savings During Divorce

For many people who are going through a divorce, the last thing they think about is their long-term future needs. But you need to start thinking about how your divorce will impact you as you age. Because, for many, the financial impact will last far longer than the next year or two.

The attorneys at Rehmke Andreve, PS, are committed to helping our clients move forward in life with every possible advantage. We want you to see this difficult time as an opportunity to grow, and we stand by you every step of the way. Ask us how you can protect your rights and your retirement by calling 253-642-4541.

Our Firm Works To Preserve Your Retirement

Yes. Your retirement savings and pension will likely be a part of your divorce. Property division often includes any 401(k), Roth IRA and other savings accrued throughout your marriage. This is because courts consider assets accrued throughout your marriage as marital property, including savings. But there is good news: You can negotiate to keep your savings intact.

Our attorneys are known for meticulous and highly effective work. We begin by thoroughly accounting for all your property. Then, after we determine what is likely subject to division, we help you create a strong plan to negotiate for your property. This may include making concessions in other places, offering property in exchange or a buyout option where you offer more money upfront to preserve the value of your savings in the long term.

Whatever The Best Option Is For You, We Help You Find It

Explore your options with confidence, knowing that our team understands you and your needs. Begin with your first consultation. Schedule your appointment online or over the phone at 253-642-4541 today.