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Trusted Guidance On Relocation Issues

Making assumptions about child relocation after divorce is very risky. Failing to meet specific legal requirements and deadlines can have severe consequences for you, whether you are trying to move or want to keep your kids close. To learn the law and your options, we encourage you to contact our office today.

Dealing With Your Parenting Plan

In Washington, every divorce with children requires a legally binding parenting plan. Once the final plan is entered, if the parent with primary custody intends to move the children he or she must provide proper legal notice. Notice must be provided when intending to move away from the other parent for any reason, including a better job or proximity to other family members.

The other parent may simply consent to the move, or we may need to negotiate other changes to the parenting plan. The parent with child visitation rights has the legal right to contest relocation on the basis that it will be detrimental to his or her children. When moving is contested, the situation can lead to petitions for modification of custody and even to full-blown trials.

Every Step Matters When Parents Disagree On Child Relocation

It is critical to be fully prepared for every step in a parental/child relocation case. At a hearing to make a temporary decision, the judge may consider what the trial court is likely to decide based on available facts – and this temporary ruling may influence the final outcome.

Our attorneys have legal knowledge and experience, and can answer all your questions about child relocation after divorce. Our law office has advised numerous men and women, including military personnel, in these matters. We will be honest and specific when evaluating your case.

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Before you plan a move with your children – or if you want to try to prevent one – please call our office or complete the online form to arrange an informative consultation with an experienced lawyer.