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Avoid Court Costs In Elder Care Disputes With Mediation

When the discussions about Adult Guardianship or Elder Care become disputes, court costs and legal fees can financially strain everyone involved. More importantly, the emotional toll of going to trial and having to accept the outcome can tear families apart.

Adult Guardianship/Elder Care Mediation is a voluntary alternative to traditional court proceedings. As trained mediators, our attorneys at Rehmke Andreve, PS, can draw from their nearly 60 years of collective experience working with the elderly to find mutually acceptable solutions.

How Elder Law Mediation Works

Mediation starts with all parties agreeing to meet and discuss their concerns with a neutral person or mediator. Private, individual meetings can occur with one of our attorneys in your home or our office so that each person involved in the dispute feels free to share their concerns or ideal outcome.

Once our mediator has talked to all parties, they will present their recommendations and facilitate discussion until everyone agrees on a workable solution. As the mediator, our recommendations are not presented formally to the courts but are designed to be a more creative way to solve problems without mandates. In the end, the ultimate goal of mediation is to find a way to maintain the rights of the elderly while ensuring that they are safe and sufficiently cared for.

Talk To Us About Using Mediation

If you are caught up in a family dispute over a proposed guardianship or how to care for a loved one, and you are considering mediation, contact Rehmke Andreve, PS, today to schedule a confidential consultation. We can discuss your situation and if mediation is a possible solution. Call 253-642-4541. Our office is in Fircrest, Washington, and we serve clients throughout the Tacoma area.