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When The Road Ahead Is Rocky, A Parenting Plan Can Smooth Your Way

Every parent dreams of raising their child peacefully, without unnecessary conflict and confusion, but, for many single parents, achieving this dream seems impossible. Co-parenting plans can offer you the clear expectations and coordination you need to help your child thrive and to restore a sense of calm in your life.

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How A Parenting Plan Can Give You A Much-Needed Road Map

When you are determining custody and all the other nuances of co-parenting, creating a plan gives you a reference and a set of clear expectations that both parties can agree upon.

These plans can help you determine issues like:

  • What can you expect during the school year? Where will your child go to school, and what rules do you have about extracurricular activities like sports?
  • What happens in an emergency? Who can make medical or legal decisions, and at what point should you consult with the other parent?
  • How will you handle changes to school schedules, work needs and family time?

When both parents work together to create a plan, especially as a part of an alternative resolution process, cooperative parenting can become your norm.

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