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Help Addressing The Needs Of The Vulnerable

Planning for the care and comfort of a special needs client is something that demands a great deal of thoughtful consideration. Is the client a young child who will require a lifetime of care or an older person who may need round-the-clock assistance? In either case, it is important to have someone on your side to help put plans in place to protect the assets, and the continued well-being, of your loved ones.

Rehmke Andreve, PS, is a law firm with nearly 60 years of combined legal experience in special needs law and other estate planning concerns. Our attorneys are committed to working with you to create a plan to protect your child or other relative with special needs. We can explain your options in clear language and handle all the necessary paperwork.

Special Needs Planning Tailored To Your Family’s Requirements

In most special needs cases, the level of legal work required depends on the age of the client. For young children, a family should do their best to consider all future needs or possible hardships when establishing plans for the life of the child. Will they need funds for education and medical care? As they age, will they be able to work and provide for their own personal income needs?

For families with a disabled child, there are standard benefits available in the form of SSI and Medicare, but additional funds can be available based on income levels. For this reason, it is important to take a holistic approach to a care plan and include financial considerations for the family even after the death of parents or close caregivers.

Special Needs Law For Seniors

Likewise, for older special needs clients, there may not be family members to help with the process of applying for benefits or making sure that these funds are distributed and used appropriately. Will the benefits cover the required living arrangements or pay for live-in help? As a firm with special needs law experience, we bring nearly 60 years’ worth of cases and circumstances to the table so we know what to look for and what to cover to make sure we are doing the best work we can for the most vulnerable folks.

Your family deserves the best possible care, even when you are no longer around to look out for them. To learn more about our special needs law services, call 253-642-4541 to schedule a confidential, legal consultation at our Fircrest office.