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How to choose the right nursing home for an aging loved one

On Behalf of | Feb 28, 2024 | Family Law

Many older adults prefer to continue living at home for as long as possible. Planning to age in place is common, and it can be a comfortable option for those who are still active and healthy.

However, eventually, many older adults need regular support. They may not be able to continue living in their own homes and might need to prepare to move into nursing home facilities. One of the ways for family members to help a loved one adjust to the challenges of advanced age is to assist with the research into facilities where they can potentially live.

What should someone look for when evaluating nursing homes and trying to help a family member select the right one?

The level of support provided

Older adults may require differing levels of support depending on their health and other factors. Some people only require a bit of help with cleaning and cooking but can largely live on their own otherwise. Others may require support bathing themselves and ensuring that they take their medication on time every day. Looking at the level of care that a facility provides and whether adults can transition into higher levels of support without relocating as their health changes can be useful.

The quality of life of residents

Another important consideration when evaluating nursing homes is what amenities the facility offers for older adults and what kind of enrichment activities are available. Do residents get to travel with staff to the grocery store once a week? Are there bingo games or communal activities? Remaining socially active and engaged in daily life are crucial for someone’s overall health and quality of life. Therefore, reviewing the opportunities for recreation and entertainment can be as important as looking at the medical support available.

Cleanliness and staffing levels

Actually visiting a facility is of the utmost importance when selecting a nursing home. What a website promises and what actually occurs at a facility can be drastically different in some cases. Those who go in person to look around the space and see how the current residents live can secure crucial insight into how a facility operates.

Choosing the right nursing home is a very important decision for the safety and comfort of an older adult who requires daily support. Taking care to make a thoughtful decision is, therefore, worth the effort involved.