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Skilled Advocacy At Settlement Conferences

For most family law actions in Washington, the court requires the parties to participate in some sort of mediation prior to going to trial. Settlement conferences are also generally required.

At Rehmke Andreve, PS, we use our skills in mediation, negotiation and settlement techniques to help our clients resolve family law matters. We can guide you forward confidently toward the solution that is right for your particular situation.

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What Can You Expect From Mediation Or An Early Settlement?

A skilled mediator must remain unbiased. If you and the other party choose attorney Rachel Rolfs as your mediator, she can speak to both parties, seeking to identify terms of common agreement and discuss alternative resolution of the issues.

Another possibility is to use Ms. Rolfs as your attorney. In that case, she can be in your corner for legal advice and counsel if you go into a mediation session conducted by someone else.

Similarly, if you are going into an early settlement conference for your divorce, our lawyers can protect your interests. We can help you determine whether there is enough common ground on the issues to agree to an early settlement. But if there is still a high degree of conflict, we can take your side and insist on a fair resolution.

Taking Action

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