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Resolving Child Support Issues

In legal matters involving children, the focus of our laws and courts is on providing for the children’s needs. However, when situations such as divorce are settled, one parent will almost certainly be required to pay child support to the other. The amount of child support will be determined according to guideline-based calculations.

Whether you will pay or receive child support, it is important to have an accurate estimate as you work through any other disputes and begin planning for life after divorce. You also need to understand child support laws and guidelines if you are involved in a paternity/parentage action. For knowledgeable guidance on any family law issue, please contact us at Rehmke Andreve, PS.

Addressing All Unique Factors Seeking A Fair Result For You

Although state guidelines and a “calculator” largely eliminate the need to negotiate child support, each family is unique. Our attorneys have the experience to ensure your child support order is based on accurate information, and that the right questions get answered, including:

  • If either parent is currently unemployed or underemployed, what is a reasonable income expectation?
  • If the parenting plan provides for substantial time with both the mother and father – as in a “50-50” custody arrangement – does the child support payment amount properly account for this?
  • Are factors such as health insurance, day care expenses and long-distance transportation properly considered and fair?
  • How will future needs – including college or other advanced education costs – be addressed?

Petitioning For Modifications Of Child Support Or Other Orders

Life goes on after divorce or the dissolution of a domestic partnership, and it is common to seek changes in child support or modifications of other court orders – due to job changes, job loss or other substantial changes in circumstances.

Washington state laws provide specific procedures for revisiting and modifying the amount you will pay or receive in child support. At our firm, we can advise you on whether your situation meets the requirements for modification, and help you navigate the modification process.

The burden of proof is strict for any modification of other aspects of a parenting plan, such as child custody or visitation due to intended relocation. We have handled minor guardianship petitions and complex cases involving domestic violence and substance abuse for military families and others in both Pierce County.

Taking Action

Pleasecontact our office online or at 253-642-4541 to talk with a concerned lawyer about child support or other important family law issues.